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thoughts from shawn keene: analyst, technologist, microsoft mvp, skywarn storm chaser, fitness freak, and nerd

About Me

Who I Am

Picture1Nice to meet you, I’m a business analyst, technologist, Microsoft MVP, SkyWarn storm spotter, fitness freak, and nerd from Moore, Oklahoma.

I ♥ UX: I believe in the best possible user experiences. I probably know more about Windows than is healthy. I also dabble in side projects, mostly light web or app development and I try nearly every beta or new technology that shows up, and have plenty of nerdy opinions about them to bore others. I listen to tech podcasts, digest nerdy blogs, and have even been known to read MSDN or TechNet publications for their entertainment value alone.

What I Do

At present I am proudly employed as an Operational Excellence analyst at Teleflora, LLC, a floral wire-service and technology services company owned by Roll Global Wonderful Brands, where I serve as a web solutions analyst focused on business intelligence and process improvement.

Both professionally and in my spare time, I engage in light development work. Most often this is web based development, and you can see an example of my work on my Portfolio page.

I’m also a five-time recipient of the Microsoft Global MVP award, beginning in 2011. Microsoft MVPs are technology enthusiasts who are active in a wide field of communities and help others understand technologies and how to use them. MVPs are industry professionals that use Microsoft technologies everyday and are in a position to provide you with objective views of technology.

I also regularly volunteer assistance to technology support discussion sites, including TechNet and Microsoft Community, you can find me in the Windows forums. You can also tweet me publicly @LtCmdrKeene where I will usually respond fairly timely.

I offer technology services to individuals and small business. If you’re interested in exploring how low-cost (or even free) technology can improve your business and bottom line, please contact me or book a free consultation session. See my Services page for details.


Get In Touch

You can reach me by email here on my site, or email If you’re feeling social, you can also join me online.