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The Lumia 950 Super Review

Lumia 950 camera lens

Today, Lumia launched their Home Trials campaign, centered on the new Lumia 950, and I received a kit to test it out and let you know what I think!

PSA: Keep your OneDrive Storage

OneDrive opt-in to keep storage

Later next year the OneDrive default storage allotments will be lowered, but current users can opt-in to keep their current storage by simply clicking this one button. 

PSA: Windows 10 High CPU Usage

Find and disable startup apps from Task Manager or MSCONFIG. Right click column headings to add details for finding an app's origin.

Windows 10 a nice upgrade and is loaded with more features than any previous release. These same features can also negatively impact your performance for days or more after your upgrade.

How to Hide an Update in Windows 10


One of the design tenants of Windows 10 is the enabling of automatic system updates that are more transparent to the end user than in the past. But if you’re affected by a buggy device driver that gets installed automatically, you may want to block it. Here’s how.

Extensive List of Windows Shell Folder Aliases

Windows 10 showing Run box and User Pinned folder

This list is too good to keep to myself. I’ve been using several of these for years, but there are so many more than I ever knew — many for directories that are incredibly difficult to reach by navigating the folder tree directly.

The Bare Minimum Backup Strategy

Windows 10 desktop with OneDrive local folder and OneDrive website.

Accidents happen, files get saved over or deleted, viruses intrude, and hard drives fail. So why do so many of us ignore backups? Today I’ll share a simple practice to ensure you are always protected from data loss.

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Shorten Links Before Creating QR Codes


Better Practice: To make your QR code faster to scan, particularly from a distance, try using a URL shortener before creating your QR codes. The generated code will contain less information and can be read more easily and reliably by a scanner.


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