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Weather Apps 2013

May 24, 2011

It’s once again Severe Storm Season, and this year I’ve made several changes that will directly or indirectly require me to adjust the weather apps, software, and services I use to stay alive, safe, and at all times chasing storms (rather than being chased).  Here’s the apps and sites I use the most.

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April 14 Severe Outlook


Today’s high risk of tornadoes is 3x higher than a few weeks ago when strong violent tornadoes affected the Dallas metro area.  The potential for life-threatening situation is enhanced by the timing of arrival: these supercells will likely affect the central Oklahoma area after dark on Saturday night.  As last night, these will remain dangerous […]

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Weather Apps 2012

May 24, 2011

During each severe weather season (and throughout the year) I almost always have Gibson Ridge software’s GRLevel3 app running.  On the road it’s tethered to my Sprint network data connection — so far the best data service I’ve had in rural Tornado Valley.

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That’s not a tornado

Scary Cloud isn't Dangerous

Dear everyone pointing at funnels in Oklahoma today: it’s not a tornado. This upper level low system might be creating some interesting and scary looking clouds, but they pose no threat because they aren’t powered by a supercell thunderstorm above them.  So please enjoy the intriguing motions and stay weather aware, because some of these storms […]

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