Never text and drive. Lives depend on it. If you can’t resist, try this app.

Today someone I love dearly sent me a web link when I knew they were driving. Which means they saw an article while they were driving.

Let that sink in. πŸ€”

They were scrolling down their news feed … and social-sharing … while driving. This horrifies me.

It can wait. βœ‹

Texting while driving is the #1 cause of death in teen drivers, outpacing drinking and driving and other causes. And adults are just as bad. There’s more than 1 and a half million accidents from it a year, and more than 3,000 deaths last year from it.

It’s not worth your life. It’s not worth taking someone else’s life.

It can wait. βœ‹

I wish I could tell when other people were in motion before I message them. That way even if they can’t resist themselves, I could at least refrain from sending a message when I knew they were driving. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I knew someone died because they looked down to see what I messaged to them. Nothing I send is worth your life. It can wait.

Do not EVER grab your phone to reply to me while you’re behind the wheel.

Commutes across this city aren’t that bad, you’re likely going to arrive at your destination in 30 minutes or less or at least take a pit stop at some point. Reply then.

It can wait. βœ‹

This isn’t Dr. Strange. You don’t glace down at your phone, get in a horrific accident, and wake up with cosmic powers.

It can wait. βœ‹

We’ve all done it. 63% of drivers admit they’ve looked at a phone while driving, and almost all the rest are just lying about it.

I love that my new car blocks my phone from use when it’s connected to Apple Car/Android Auto. I can’t swipe around my phone even if I wanted to. I can use hands/eye-free vocal commands, but no touching the phone. It has made me a better, more attentive driver.

But you don’t need an integrated smartphone system like those in your car to help encourage a better habit.

Get this free app. πŸ“΄

It works with any Android or Apple phone, it doesn’t matter who your service provider is.

πŸ“΅ Drive Mode:Β orΒ

It can silence incoming alerts and calls, and auto-reply back to text messages that you are driving if you want. You can still access your navigation and media (Waze, Maps, Spotify, etc.) with a driving-friendly screen.

It turns on when the vehicle is moving at 15 MPH and turns off when you stop. πŸ›‘

Parents can get an alert if the app gets disabled, or if you need accountability, you can use that same feature to hold yourself accountable to your loved ones.

It can wait. βœ‹