Garage Sale

Here’s a collection of stuff I’ve been holding on to without using, but probably still has useful life left. Email [email protected] if you want it.

Also Available:

  • $5 each: HDMI cables

$1 each

  • $1 each: USB flash drives (2GB capacity, 10 available)
  • $1 each: protective hard-shell phone cases for Galaxy S8 (black and blue available), or charcoal soft-shell bumper case for Galaxy S8.
  • $1: 1/8-inch (female) to slim (male)
  • $1: Micro SD adapter (10 available)
  • $1: USB A (female) to USB micro (male) adapter
  • $1: RCA audio (red/white, male) to single 1/8-in audio (female) adapter
  • $1 each: Micro USB chargers
  • $1 each: USB cables of many types: (type A to micro, type A to mini, type A to type B)
  • $1: Microsoft Wireless Mouse 4000 w/ dongle
  • $1: Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 w/dongle

Larger Items

  • $40: 80-foot HDMI cable with 2-port HDMI splitter and HDMI female/female couplet


  • $84 – Star Trek Voyager, Season 1 VHS (21 VHS tapes) – never played, original packaging and shrink-wrapped, perfect condition.

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