Last night I plugged a USB hub into a new computer for the first time. Numerous notifications offering to open discovered drives, and install device drivers ensued without incident. Today I restarted the computer and was greeted with a vague prompt from Logitech.

Logitech Dialog. Product registration is now handled online, and you need to register all your devices again.
You’ll really notice the improvements we’ve made while you register all your products again.

Without mentioning which particular product has triggered this message, Logitech informs me that product registration is now handled at a new website.  And please update your bookmarks.  My bookmarks?  This is your app, don’t blame me.

The letter concludes with “Thanks from Customer Care, PS: you need to register all your devices again.”  Which is bad enough until you realize a few lines up it mentioned registration includes “adding proof of purchase”.  So hope you still have that for all the products you registered before now, which may or may not include whichever one triggered this message.

Fine, I’ll at least look at it.

Oh, much improved.


So should I bookmark that then?