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The Lumia 950 Super Review

Lumia 950 camera lens

Today, Lumia launched their Home Trials campaign, centered on the new Lumia 950, and I received a kit to test it out and let you know what I think!

PSA: Keep your OneDrive Storage

OneDrive opt-in to keep storage

Later next year the OneDrive default storage allotments will be lowered, but current users can opt-in to keep their current storage by simply clicking this one button. 

Project Spotlight: HazWx

Share a map with the world with our implementation of sharing links and social posts, complete with all the post metadata you expect.

The HazWx project is one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever had the honor of being a part of, the feeling of building something great from the ground up with a small dedicated, passionate team was unlike any other. 

Project Spotlight: Lose To Serve OKC

Screenshot of the LoseToServe website. was an Oklahoma City event where participants lose weight to give back to the community. Winners’ prizes included a full scholarship to Mid America Christian University and a complete home to give to a deserving family. 

Project Spotlight: WCC

podcasting learning page

The WCC website was originally built as a frame site by EyeOpener Creative Communications, and represents some of the last to use web 1.0 styles.  This site wasn’t responsive, and the majority of my work on the site was creating new style sheets, adding functionality, and updating graphics, a not-too-insignificant overhaul.

Clippy’s Revenge


So, I’ve committed to blogging more often. It’s not for lack of content that I’ve been quiet, my OneNote is full of two dozen stubs but I’ve been too busy to polish them up. That being said, here’s a fresh post that isn’t on that list, courtesy of my sister.

PSA: Windows 10 High CPU Usage

Find and disable startup apps from Task Manager or MSCONFIG. Right click column headings to add details for finding an app's origin.

Windows 10 a nice upgrade and is loaded with more features than any previous release. These same features can also negatively impact your performance for days or more after your upgrade.

How to Hide an Update in Windows 10


One of the design tenants of Windows 10 is the enabling of automatic system updates that are more transparent to the end user than in the past. But if you’re affected by a buggy device driver that gets installed automatically, you may want to block it. Here’s how.

Extensive List of Windows Shell Folder Aliases

Windows 10 showing Run box and User Pinned folder

This list is too good to keep to myself. I’ve been using several of these for years, but there are so many more than I ever knew — many for directories that are incredibly difficult to reach by navigating the folder tree directly.

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