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View Outlook Items by Date Modified


Recycle Bin has this great ability to sort by date deleted. Like a real trash can, the stuff you threw away last is on top. Today we’re bringing that ability to Outlook – and not just for the trash.


Blindly Sounding Sirens By County is Crying Wolf

Click to enlarge this graphic showing a radar scan from the moment the warning was issued.

Tonight KOCO ran a story about a perceived very real false alarm by Oklahoma City’s emergency management this morning. Just after 6:15am, the city activated their Whelen outdoor warning siren network, yet for a weak storm that had itself already moved through the area hours earlier.

Register to attend the Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference

MVP15_MicrosoftMVP_VC_WebBanner_920x400px - Copy

Hi everyone – I wanted to let you know about a great free event that Microsoft and the MVPs are putting on, May 14th & 15th.  Join Microsoft MVPs from the Americas’ region as they share their knowledge and real-world expertise during a free event, the MVP Virtual Conference.


Weather Apps 2015

...and on the desktop in Windows 10.

Well it’s barely April and already my hometown has been hit by a tornado. Maybe we’ve gotten it out of the way… But at any rate it’s a reminder that it’s time for my semi-annual collection of weather-related apps I’m using today.


Plus! Pack Themes for Modern Windows


I found some old Plus! pack themes on an old hard drive this week. During some downtime I modified the source of the files to make them compatible with modern versions of Windows and packaged them up for your enjoyment.

Windows 10 Technical Preview Observations

Windows 10 screenshot with notes

A look at what I’ve noticed in Windows 10. These observations are for build 9841, which became generally available on October 1, 2014. Since there is still a year or more before release, most if not all of all observations are not a representation of the final product and are either going to be adjusted […]

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Reset a Forgotten Windows Password


If you forget your computer’s password, it can be difficult to recover from and might require special tools and skills. However, the built-in system administrator account can be a great avenue to reset a forgotten Windows password, especially for home users.


Quickly Repair PC Problems


Windows has a number of recovery features to get up and running again quickly after a problem occurs.  These simple tools are easy for anyone to use, and are a good first step to try before taking your computer in for professional service.

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Fix a Sluggish, Slow PC


Gas prices and slow computers, two things we love to complain about. But your computer probably wasn’t slow when you bought it, and unlike gas prices, it shouldn’t get worse over time. Here’s how to identify the source of slowness and bring your computer back to life.


Making peace with the Start screen


For the past 23 years, the Start menu has been the staple interface of the Windows operating system. When Windows 8 removed updated the start menu to be full-screen, many users balked at the change. But is any functionality really lost? This post explains how to regain common and not-so-common functions of the legacy Start […]


Turn off a built-in monitor from a shortcut


If you have a laptop or all-in-one computer, you might have times where you wish to leave the computer on but turn off the display. Although most computers with built-in monitors lack a monitor switch, you can still turn it off in a click. Here’s how.

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Monitor or Limit Data Usage in Windows 8.1


With the release of Windows 8.1, Microsoft made a great number of improvements to Windows 8. Unfortunately, it also marked a step backwards in terms of easily adjusting your network settings. Here’s an update of how to monitor or limit data use in Windows 8.1.

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Declutter browser tabs from your taskbar


Usage tracking shows that 95% percent of home users typically have 5 or fewer browser tabs/windows open at a time. In an office environment though, this number easily triples.  This tip will help you juggle dozens of browser windows more easily, and let you spend less time finding the one you need.

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