I’m thrilled and honored to have been re-awarded as a Microsoft MVP for 2012.  My award date is April 1, so you’ll understand the delay my boasting — would you have believed me last week?

The award box arrived yesterday evening, where I promptly ripped the box apart like a kid on Christmas morning.  Here’s a look at what’s inside:

Contents of the 2012 Microsoft MVP Award Gift Box

There’s the new certificate and ID badge for the new year, along with a 2012 year disc to stack into the award stand itself, pictured below.  There is also a new lapel pin, stickers, and the usual metric tonnage of legal and NDA documents.

The Microsoft MVP Award

Microsoft MVPs are not Microsoft employees, rather technology enthusiasts who are active in communities on and offline.  We are experts and professionals across diverse subjects that all share a common use of Microsoft technologies to solve everyday real-world problems.  My particular expertise is the Windows Consumer client — the most popular and well known personal computer operating system in the world.

You can often find me in the Microsoft Answers forums helping out everyday folks on a variety of tasks. With over 2300 certified solutions, more than 860 top answer contributions, and over 200 other helpful votes,  If you have a question about Windows, I’m your man.  And if I can’t solve it, well… I have a few thousand friends who probably can.

I positively love community feedback and helping everyone leverage technology to reach their full potential.  Comments like these keep me coming back.

  • Akhil P Walia writes, “Thumbs up mate!! […] I am one of the silent forum readers. Never take pain to register and comment. But I had to thank you. I’m so happy. Goann show-off my theme to pals now!”
  • RubenHedström said “Cant believe it worked! Thank you so much! Ive spent a long time searching for this and it was this simple. :))”

  • playsinthedirt wrote, “Shawn Keene: thank you for your reply.  I did submit feedback.  thx!”

Keep following my blog at skeene.net, or follow me on social networks for tech tips and more.  And to Microsoft, the MVP Award Program, my community program manager Jake Grey, and the rest of the MVP crew, thank you!