Later next year the OneDrive default storage allotments will be lowered, but current users can opt-in to keep their current storage by simply clicking this one button. 


OneDrive recently announced some unpopular coming changes to the service. The storage allotment provided for free is being reduced from 15 GB to 5 GB of space, and the bonus 15 GB you get for using camera photo backup is also going away.

What made this even more unpopular is that this change was not just for new users, but rather even existing active users. In short, this means users today with 30 GB of space would see their storage amounts drop by a factor of six, and told to pay up to keep using what we’d been using for years.

Until this week.

Microsoft has apologized for this “frustrating, disappointing” news, but the change is still scheduled.  However, users that wish can grandfather themselves in to keep their existing storage.  All it takes is a single click of a button on this webpage:

OneDrive opt-in to keep storage
It’s my storage and I want it now.

Just head to that page, click “Keep your free storage”, and you’re done. You will not be affected when the new changes roll out.

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