1. It’s dirty. From the moment you enter the parking lot full of oil spills and garbage, to the floors and shelves, everything is sticky, grimy, and gross.
  2. Everything is broken.  The place looks like it’s being run by 8-year-old McGuiver wanna-be’s. Everything is tapped up, tied up, wrapped up, and bandaged together.  Both ad-hoc signs and even actual product displays.  At the checkouts (if you can find one that is open) the credit card readers are usually busted (not an IT issue, I mean physically broken/cracked/hanging with wires exposed).
  3. Unprofessional. While we’re on the subject of dirty taped-up signage, can we get these folks to check their spelling?  Listen, I suck at spelling too, so just open up Google or Word and run yourself a quick spellcheck, perhaps even a grammar check while I’m at it.  You can do it.
  4. No coherence. Nothing is organized, and many products are only available in the piles of garbage at every register. It makes sense; you spend 70% of your time in the store wandering around that area to find one that’s open and working.  Walmart seems like it tries to do everything, instead of doing… anything well at all.

Overall it’s clear that no pride is taken in their store by any employee at any level whatsoever (and why should they?).  Everyone in the building, customers and employees alike, are miserable and only counting down the seconds until they can get out of there and on with their lives.

I honestly don’t know why Walmart can’t clean up their image. Target is basically the same store, yet somehow they operate in the bizarre world where professionalism and cleanliness prevail.