You might already be familiar with the filter bar, the gray headers at the top of most SharePoint lists. This interactive header allows you to sort and filter your view to drill down to the information you’re seeking.

SharePoint filter bar

Sure, you could set your filter every time you visit the page, but that’s tedius if you need the same information each day. Here’s the ninja way:

First, visit the list once and set your filters as you normally do one last time. As you set your filters, you might notice that the address of the webpage changes:

SharePoint URL reflecting filter choices

Above: When setting the filter (in this case, setting the Flag header to RFS), the address of the webpage updates accordingly.

Because the website address reflects the filter value, you can save this new URL as a favorite, and visiting your saved bookmark will automatically set the filters for you when you go to the page! To save this link for later, just choose where you want to keep your shortcut:

  1. Drag-and-drop the site icon (the icon just to the left of the address) to your bookmarks in your browser or to your desktop to create a one-click icon.
  2. Or, click the Add to My Links option from the My Links menu at the top-right of any SharePoint page.

And as an added bonus, you can even copy this page address and send it to others so that they see exactly what you see.