If you’re looking for a new PC, you can ask any geek and they’ll tell you to build clean.  Their reason is simple: the manufacturer’s cripple their own products before they ever send it to you. Even if you buy direct, original equipment manufacturers make money by pre-installing trials, games, bundles, even spyware on to their computers. Resellers from BestBuy to Walmart are even worse. Make no mistake: you’re being sold out before you even buy.

bloatware at its best

These pre-installed bundles of software are commonly referred to as bloatware or crapware.  At best they’re an inconvenience and distraction with dozens of icons littering your desktop, but in practice they slow down your computer and web browsing, drain your battery, invade your privacy, deliver advertisements, and nag you to upgrade.  The practice affects security as well.  More often than not, consumers believe they have antivirus security software, when in fact their computer came installed with only a time-limited trial edition that requires additional subscription costs to stay protected.

bloatware at its worst

Microsoft has been selling Signature computers through their own stores to combat this. These systems contain no bloat or trials — not even trials from Microsoft’s own products such as Office are allowed.  In short, the PC is best is can be.  Everyone can appreciate a system without nag screens, advertisements or privacy invasions, but Signature systems are also faster all around, the way Windows is meant to be.  Compared to their bloated counterparts, these Signature computers go to startup 40% faster, sleep 23% faster, and resume back from sleep 51% faster.

clean and simple

If you aren’t looking to buy a new computer, Microsoft has now launched a program to “Signature-ify” your existing computer.  Simply bring it into any one of the 16 Microsoft stores and pay $99 dollars to receive the treatment.


No Microsoft store nearby? No problem. Get better than new performance with a expert tuneup. If your computer is slow to start, sluggish all around, or unprotected, this is for you.  On-site or remotely, I’ll clean, optimize and tune for the best performance, and setup comprehensive virus/spyware protection that never expires or requires subscriptions, all for a single one-time price. See Services I Offer, or contact me to schedule an appointment at [email protected].