Do you have Sprint service?  If so, I would encourage you to take advantage of Google Voice services. Some might fear the ever-growing tech giant for permeating ever-increasing corners of our lives, but I for one welcome our all-knowing computing overlords at Google.

Seriously though, have you heard of Google Voice?  The service was previously known as Grand Central and was purchased by Google back in 2007.  They’ve been making steady improvements, the latest of which is seamless integration for Sprint users.

Google Voice allows you to link all your phone numbers — cell, office, and home, for example — under the umbrella of a single number.  When someone calls this master Google Voice number, all your phones ring (or only some of them, depending on who is calling or what time of day it is — it’s totally up to you).  It also allows you to screen your calls, transfer them between your phones, and more.

But you don’t want another number?  If you’re a Sprint user, no problem. Just use your Sprint number as the master.  And if you don’t want your cell number to ring your other phones, that’s fine too — you can still take advantage of all these benefits anyway:

  1. Call and text from the web for free.  Need to send or receive a call/text but your phone is dead or lost or has no bars? Don’t worry, you can do it from any computer. The person you’re calling (or is calling you) won’t even know, your normal number still shows up.
  2. Voicemail Transcription.  When someone leaves you a voicemail, you get an email or text (your choice) with what they said typed out for you.  Then you can call them back or reply by text/email without even needing to call in and listen to your messages.  If you wanted, you could listen to your messages online or normally from your phone, of course.
  3. Conference Calls.
  4. Personalize Voicemail Greetings for different people.

It’s a sweet deal.  Check out this quick video about the Google + Sprint integration, or to learn more about what all Google Voice can do, check out the Google Voice YouTube page.