My Fitness Transformation Story

Prologue You may not know me, but I’d bet we have a lot in common.  Take fitness for example.  Growing up I was fairly active for a nerdy kid, never out of shape.  Then college I lost myself, and I’ve tried to get in shape many times. I’ve also failed many times.  There are a variety of reasons for this: lack of knowledge, support, or motivation for sure, but primarily simple contentment (let’s be real, I was lazy).  Nonetheless, off…

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Mr. Consistent

Have you ever ventured onto Wikipedia to lookup one encyclopedia entry, and end up reading a dozen others as you navigate among (un)related links?  Sometimes it’s satisfying to quench idle curiosity by thumbing through interesting topics.  The discoverability and broweability of inline links greatly appeals to me, of which you can see evidence in my various posts. One such blog I frequent as part of my information diet, Lifehacker, uses such a writing style. And today as I hyperlinked my way through…

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