On Windows tablets, the right-click menu is pre-set to appear on the left of your pointer or finger, which is opposite of the behavior on a desktop PC. For most of us, this prevents our hands from obscuring the menu.

This post is in honor of International Left-Handed Day, which fell on August 13.

One might expect that lefty’s, whom make up roughly 10% of the population, might prefer the PC behavior be maintained on tablets. Fortunately, this is easy to accommodate. From Start, just type the word lefty and choose the tablet Setting to Specify the hand you write with.

Searching for “left” would work too.

In the Tablet PC Settings, you can easily switch your handedness.

This setting can only be adjusted from, and only takes effect on, the desktop.

This feature, part of Microsoft Tablet PC, dates back more than a decade and only affects the Desktop. Therefore this will have no effect on modern Windows Store apps, and there is no equivalent settings for it in the PC Settings app. The Pen and Touch features, on the other hand, do have a modern PC Settings equivalent, and you can find it under the Ease of Access, Other Options category.