So, I’ve committed to blogging more often. It’s not for lack of content that I’ve been quiet, my OneNote is full of two dozen stubs but I’ve been too busy to polish them up. That being said, here’s a fresh post that isn’t on that list, courtesy of my sister.

This random video she just shared to my Facebook wall is dripping with nostalgia.

But before you watch it, let me suggest you¬†watch these three actual product ads featuring Gilbert Godfrey in 2001. This’ll open in a new tab for you: Clippy Gets Clipped. These really provide the perfect frame for the video below. I promise it’s worth it.

Okay, back?¬†Great right? I know he sort of deserves it, but it’s always awkward when we meet each other at the summit :)

Anyway, he gets back in the end. This is absolutely ridiculous and amazing. Enjoy and I’ll post more soon. Probably.