Of the things we take for granted, instantaneous global communication is perhaps the most far-reaching.  But it’s such a recent advancement.  A mere 50 years ago, the only way to communicate overseas was by a letter and a boat.  Where it took weeks to have correspondence before, the first trans-Atlantic cable allowed us to have – get this – 30 simultaneous voice calls going on at once.  Thirty!

It truly is amazing how far we’ve come in that 50 years.  And you might think that our advances continue to accelerate.  That is true, but consider these thoughts:

  • We couldn’t make a phone call to Europe, but we sent men to the moon (the moon!) only a few years later.
  • Video phone?  That’s not a product of of the Internet age, we had that in 1964.  In ‘70, AT&T was selling it.  It failed, no one wanted to see other people.

If we’ve come this far in only 50 years, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 50.