A few months ago, a colleague of mine mentioned that our generation is taking over.  I thought it was a interesting comment, but didn’t think of it again until he mentioned months later on the popularity of Windows 7.  “Windows 7 is our generation’s answer to Windows being lame until now.”

I don’t think Windows was ever lame, but it is true that Windows 7’s user experience was really re-thought with our generation’s ideas about productivity in mind.

Today I heard a comedian jest about why it took us this many decades to come up with the upside-down ketchup bottle and it made me think about the same thing.  I don’t really have much to say other than I’m glad that, as a general culture, we’re done accepting ‘good enough’ and there are finally people (in the successful companies) that dare to ask “can’t we do better?”  I think if more people kept this in mind during their daily work, regardless of what your job is, we’d see several things happen, including a big boost to our economy, productivity, and quality of life.