I found some old Plus! pack themes on an old hard drive this week. During some downtime I modified the source of the files to make them compatible with modern versions of Windows and packaged them up for your enjoyment. These themes include all the original components except the screensavers. You’ll get custom sounds, cursors, icons, colors, and wallpaper with each theme. Although these are more than a decade old, these JPG images scale well without artifacts, and look beautiful on any size screen, from classic desktop to tablet.

These themes work great on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, a collection of samples of which are below. Click any thumbnail to enlarge.

PackageDangerousJungleScienceMore Windowsjungle

All themes includes sounds, cursors, graphics, icons, and color schemes. You can choose to apply them all, or mix and match the parts you like to build your own. Use the links on the left and bottom of the Personalization gallery to customize your themes.

Control Panel

Click here to download these Plus! Pack themes, and check out the online Themes Gallery here for hundreds of more themes to choose from.

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